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The Fjäder nyckelharpabows are a combination of the old (or traditional) style of bows and the requirement of the modern chromatic nyckelharpa. The bows are built in a convex shape (as the old style bows had) to support the movement of the bowing hand.

Every bow I make is a bit unique and different. I do not use templates and and I vary them in shape, convexity, flexibility and balance. I try to follow what is inside the wood in the piece I´m working on. So, I work with the wood and not against it.

the name Fjäder - the nice balancing of the bow gives a good lightweight feeling - like a feather. Then I liked the idea about the connection between do calligraphy with a feather (every person do have a different writing style) and bowing an instrument (every musician do have a different bowing style). And of course they look a bit like a half of a feather,, there we go.


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Tino's bows are a wonderful blend of modern and traditional nyckelharpa bows. I really like the timeless and simple design, but I particularly appreciate the sound and easy playing that Tino's bows allow. Recommended!

Björn kaidel

Björn Kaidel